Fund the Future

We are excited for the explosive growth God has sent this ministry.  Below is our plans to expand Broaden Access, Increase Capacity, and Secure the Future of this ministry over the next five years.  To make a donation or pledge please click here.  Please read below for detailed information concerning the various projects of the campaign.

  • Broadening Access: FUNDED

    The addition of a new zero entry pool to replace the existing 60 year old pool will provide access to our special needs campers, as well as, create a better and safer environment for our younger campers.  Estimated cost: $500,000   

  • Securing the Future

    Major renovations are needed in our Mill Lodge.  The Mill Lodge has been serving campers since the early 1950's and part of the building has been in existence since the early 1800's.  Our primary goal is to replace the roof; however, with the optimal amount of donations we plan to renovate the inside including the addition of air conditioning.  

    Estimated Cost: $225,000

  • Securing the Future

    We have plans to resurface the lower parking lot and to help beautify the entrance to the facility.  In addition, architectural plans have been made for a bridge that would allow vehicle access across Boone Creek on our property.  This would open up more of our property to campers, as well as, create a safer environment for staff and utility vehicles.  Estimated Cost: $35,000

  • Increasing Capacity

    11 out of 12 sessions in 2016 were filled and wait lists were required.  We have broken attendance records four of the last five summer seasons.  Our community connections have broadened our school year attendance making dorm expansion needed.  Help us build a high capacity dorm that can expand both our summer and school year ministry.  Estimated cost:  $500,000

  • Securing the Future

    Under previous leadership Blue Grass acquired significant debt in order to construct the Summit Retreat Center.  This facility is an cornerstone of many of our ministries; however, the debt burden limits our ability to expand and increase ministry.  Over the last four years we have made more progress in eliminating debt by making large additional payments; however, there is still much work left.  We desperately need your help in breaking free of this burden.  Cost: $475,000  We are excited that because of generous donors the debt total is now $425,000.00

  • Securing the Future: PARTIALLY FUNDED

    Over the last four years significant repairs  have been made to overdue maintenance concerns.  Due to the generosity of many we have replaced nine HVAC units and multiple roofs, in addition, to major renovations to dorms, the kitchen and nursing station.  This generosity has allowed us start planning for the future rather than repairing the past.  A few major concerns remain before we can turn the corner.  Help us continue the backbone of camp so that it can be healthy for generations to come.  Estimated Cost:  $65,000 (ONLY $30,000 LEFT TO GO!)

  • In Kind Gifts

    If you know of in-kind gifts that can assist with any of the above projects or other dreams, such as, building a storage building, resurfacing the basketball court, constructing Tribal cabins or other renovations please click here.