Blue Grass Christian camp

Staff Resources

Below you will find links you can use to submit your contract and various other documents required

for employment or to volunteer at Blue Grass Christian Camp. For you convenience, we have listed the Leadership Staff below and the respective camps they lead. If you have questions, please reach out the appropriate Leadership Staff Member.

  • Counselors & Staff

    If you are paid staff (counselors, leadership staff, lifeguards, ropes instructors, kitchen manager), use the link to the right to submit your forms

    • Contract
    • Employee Health Reporting Agreement
    • W-9
  • CITs & Volunteers

    If you are a CIT at 711 or a volunteer at Native, Day Camp, Camp Access, or Area Day Camp, use the link to the right to submit your forms.

    • Contract
    • Employee Health Reporting Agreement
    • Food Handlers Certificate

FORMS & Training Links

Below you will see a list of forms you may need to download, fill out, and submit

in order to fulfill you employment or volunteer contract.

  • Employee Health Reporting Agreement

    All staff and volunteers need to download, complete, and submit  this form.

  • w-9

    All paid staff need to download, complete, and submit  this form.

  • Food Handling License

    All CITs who work in the kitchen must complete the food handling training. There is a $23 cost associated with this training, but it is valid for three years. This must be competed through the link provided at the right. It is the only one Fayette County accepts.

  • Child Safety Training

    All staff and volunteers out complete this training prior to starting work at camp.

  • Background Check

    All staff 18 years of age or older must complete a background check.


    Any staff member who will be driving other individuals on or off camp property must complete the following driving contract.