Summer Staff

summer staff

God's ministry at Blue Grass Christian Camp is all about people, and it starts with our faithful, passionate, and talented staff. If you are in college or entering your senior year in high school, you can serve in a number of roles: counselor, lifeguard, health assistant, kitchen crew, maintenance worker, and videographer.

We also have an awesome CIT (Counselor in Training) program for those currently in high school and those entering 8th grade. It's a great way to learn the ins and outs of camp in the hopes of serving in larger role in the future.

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"Camp taught me the power of relationships!  Invest in the people around you.  Encourage, serve and love the people in front of you!  These are life lessons I still continue to live by." -Matt

"I will always be grateful to BGCC for being the place where I was able to grow from a teenager into a young adult, confident in my ability to connect with others and knowing I was deeply loved in a community of believers who had the same heart for kids that I did." -Abby

Day Camps

Day camps offer our youngest campers the opportunity to experience all that Blue Grass has to offer and sleep in their own bed every night. Whether campers come to visit us on our property or we make a road trip to their neighborhood with one of our Regional Day Camps, it is sure to be an epic summer experience!

Don't take my word for it. Watch the highlight video!

As we strive to help campers encounter Christ each summer, we believe four core values best facilitate that process. If you are striving to develop these core values in your life, then you may have what it takes to join our team this summer!

  • Safe

    Our staff not only seeks to keep our campers physically safe, but also create an environment where they are emotionally and spiritually safe as well. The best way to stay safe is to stay alert and be attentive to the small stuff.

  • Humble

    We want staff this well grounded. They don't necessarily think less of themselves but are always looking to the best interested of others. That means they are growing spiritually, seeking to serve other, and always have a willingness to learn something new - in other words we are looking for coachability.

  • Engaged

    The sideline isn't where the actions is. The best memories are made with other people. So, our staff is always looking to get in the game and make camp the BEST WEEK OF THE SUMMER for our campers! We are looking for people who bring the hype and are excited about being with kids!

  • Dependable

    We do right things the right way. Not only are our campers depending on you, but their parents are as well. We seek to go above and beyond no matter how big or small the task may be. We love to hire people who show initiative and get things done the right way.

"Camp really helped me come out of my shell. It helped shape my relationship with Christ by putting me in a community of believers who not only desired to see the gospel spread to the kids at camp, but also who helped bring one another closer to the Lord." - John Michael

Job Possibilities

(For college students & High School Seniors)

We hire a lot of counselors. But we also hire a lot of non-counselors. Everything from health assistants to videographers, grounds crew to kitchen staff, sherpas to CIT bosses. Whatever you're interested in, we've have a job for you!

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(Counselors in Training)

High school students and those entering 8th grade can apply for our Counselor in Training Program. You will work and live in community right alongside our Blue Grass staff. You'll spend your time learning and growing in our four core values of Safety, Humility, Engagement, and Dependability. It will be a summer of unforgettable experiences as you aspire to understand what it takes to be a counselor at Blue Grass.

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WHat Comes Next?


Complete Online Application

Complete all the sections of the online application. 

Alternate Calendar

Attend Interview Weekend

While it is not required that you attend the Interview Weekend, it is highly encouraged. A high percentage of our summer staffing decision are made during that weekend. And who wouldn't want to spend an awesome weekend at camp?!

February 2nd & 3rd, 2024


Schedule an Interview

If you are unable to attend Interview Weekend, we will contact you to schedule an alternative interview time.

Our Counselors come from all over the country!