We've Got the perfect job for you

Blue Grass offers a wide variety of summer jobs at our overnight camps, day camps, and regional day camps. Are you looking to make a personal impact on campers? Counseling might be for you. More interested in a behind-the-scenes role? You could be in our health center, serve as a lifeguard, or create highlight videos as our videographer! From grounds crew to kitchen manager we've got a job for you. 

"I loved being able to bring the hype all summer long! Every day was like a new adventure." -David


We have a saying at camp, "it's not so much what campers do at Blue Grass that makes it great, it's who they do it with!" Counselors build relationships with campers through all the fun activities and crazy traditions we have at camp. It's through those relationships they get to share the life-changing hope of Jesus Christ each week with their campers.

"Camp pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way. From dance parties to fashion shows and from silly bedtime stories to genuine personal stories, camp was a place where I built uplifting relationships with my campers and fellow counselors." -Michaela


Heath Center Staff - keep our campers and staff safe by putting band-aids on boo boos and assisting the nurse with daily duties.

Ropes - get certified to operate our zipline, giant swing and pamper pole. These are some of our campers' favorite activities.

Lifeguard - Whether swimming at the pool or kayaking in the creek you make sure our campers are safe while they are having fun getting wet.

"Camp has made and continues to make a huge impact on my life. I met or got to know some of my closest friends there. Camp was a refuge for my faith when I needed it and has provided me with a community of incredible people I know I can count on." -Jameson


Kitchen Manager - guide our CIT staff as they work alongside our wonderful cooks prepping meals each day.

Grounds Crew - Help keep our 40 acres looking spectacular with the hum of our zero-turn mowers, tractor, weed eaters, and leaf blowers.

Administrative Assistant - If you're in to details, then help keep camp organized and running smoothly in this role.

“Camp this summer was such a sweet place of restoration, both for me and my campers. Getting to share laughs, smiles, and stories with these sweet girls filled my heart with so much joy.” -Sam


Videographers show what God is doing at camp by sharing the camp experience through video. Campers watch their videos over and over again for years afterward. Videographers shoot footage, edit, and render a highlight video each week for campers and families to watch before they head home.


Alternate Calendar


Staff Training - May 28 - 30

Camp Access the end of May

Middle School Camps & Regional Day Camps in June

Day Camps in June & July

711 July and the first week of August

Money Bill


$1,350 - Starting pay

per six weeks of work

We try to hire in six week increments. If you need more weeks or just a little less, we will do our best to work with you.


meals & Housing

All our cabins are air-conditioned and you will always be well fed. Everyone ends up have a favorite camp meal!



You get 24 hours off each weekend from Saturday to Sunday. Plus for every two weeks you work you get an additional 24 hours off to use at your discretion.