Covid-19 Response

Dear Overnight Camper Family,

We are wrapping up our third successful camp session of the 2022 season and new information has become available that has caused the Blue Grass Christian Camp Board of Directors to make a slight change to our 2022 Summer COVID-19 Protocols. The earlier statement regarding our protocols and the reason for these decisions is included at the end of the email for your reference. 

In our initial response we indicated that we required weekly testing of staff and requested testing of overnight campers. We have seen firsthand how this has prevented both staff and campers, who did not realize at the time that they were contagious, from attending a camp session and potentially infecting others. Since publishing our initial response, both Fayette County and nearby counties in Kentucky have experienced an increase in community COVID-19 levels. In addition, numerous potential staff and campers have become infected with COVID-19 over the last few weeks. Testing during our first three sessions has proven very helpful in allowing us to operate complete sessions. For these reasons the board has chosen to require testing of all overnight campers. We realize that many were already planning on testing based on the earlier request but the board feels this change is necesary to provide greater protection to our staff, many of whom are scheduled to work numerous consecutive weeks, and to mitigate the potential spread to campers. Each of these factors will help allow us to provide a full camp experience to everyone in each of our summer sessions. 

In an effort to not make this an overly burdensome requirement, the requirement can be met by using a home test or receiving one from a medical professional. Parents will simply need to sign and date that a negative test was received using the form attached. We do ask that tests be taken prior to driving to camp so that registration can go quicker for all involved. We believe, like our mandatory lice checks, this will be a simple process that provides added protection for everyone. We also hope that the reasons outlined in our original statement demonstrate the uniqueness of our situation and the great thought, prayer, and consultation that was put into these decisions. 

Each of you have been very understanding throughout this process as we have made decisions to help ensure that we can continue operating full sessions with full staffs. We truly appreciate your understanding and patience! We hope that you know these decisions have been made so that we can better provide a safe environment for every camper and staff.

The first three sessions have already provided many wonderful experiences and memories. We look forward to having your child with us soon!

On behalf of the BGCC Board of Directors,

Michael Fann